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Join us as we sell up our old low vibe lives in the UK to travel with our kids. Setting up a new high vibe life in Bali. A life that focuses on less fear, more living. Sustainability, eco building, passive income, making money online, setting up a foreign business, aura photography, world schooling, living well, clean eating, vegan recipes, yoga, sound healing, meditation, following The Laws of The Universe for a life more fulfilled with our children. Here you'll find our daily adventures, family life, being barefoot, sandy toes, secret beaches, the energy we feel from the sun, world schooling, favourite products, high vibe eating, good coffee spots that we find on our travels as well as the realties of setting up a new life, the truths about doing it with kids. The ups + the downs of nomad life.

Our goal is that this blog sparks something in you if you feel stuck - to chase your dreams, travel more, making memories with your little ones whilst they're young. We have one life. We hope this blog helps you raise your vibration for a better life.



We're on a mission to become the 'big sister brother' we never had and tell you everything that we have learnt. Guides and help books that have helped us on our spiritual journey + made us better today. I hope the blog inspires, motivates, & educates families feeling stuck in a rut, wanting more from life but more so shows them that anything is possible.

We are told some huge lies as to how things work. How the world, the universe and life works. It took us 40 + years to unpick, connect and understand some things about our soul and physical life. How energy and vibration works and how to use them for a better life. We wish we could have known ourself when starting out. We wish schools taught this kind of stuff. We really struggled, and learned everything the hard way with trials, errors, long late dark nights of the soul. We hope you don't have to.



In less than 2 years, we have completely changed our life. And that of our children. Connected to an abundant beautiful life that was always there, we just needed to learn the skills to step into that life. We're sharing everything. This is what we can give back.

Our vision is to share resources that helped us to awaken. Hacks to raise your vibration. Tools to exit the matrix. Books to read to help on your own spiritual journey. Meditations to help you open your third eye. Breath work tools to help you connect, raise your vibration and start living the life you desire. 

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