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Freedom means different things to different people. You may have your ideas of what freedom looks like for you and your family. And my definition of freedom changed somewhat after having kids. It changed furthermore after Covid. It changed further still once I started awakening.


To us, freedom meant not having financial worries and being free to do what we want, when we wanted to do it. Not be chained to a job, in a place, where we had to physically be. For a set amount of hours, per day where our energy was exchanged for a limited amount of cash. This energy exchange didn't feel fair (we seem to do a lot of work in terms of effort and time) for a salary (that was finite, capped and often, with UK prices, ran out at the end of every month). We've always had our own business and so have been 'free-er' than the average person who works a regular job. We chose the hours of work, so that we didn't have to miss out on a sports day or important day for the kids. No job was ever going to tell us that we couldn't go to our kids special day. But the hours had to be made up somewhere. Having our own business, just meant that we had the luxury of flexibility. And so, whilst we had flexi-time, we were not free. Like many, we were trapped, living pay check to pay check. Our own pay checks but none the less, you see my point.

In our physical world, we need money. And there is no way of getting around that. However, there are many ways that you can now make money. Your power is you. And this section will give you some pointers as to how we make money (actual real money) that allows us to live the life of our dreams, in the sunshine, with time for our children, being free. Yet earning more money than we've ever been able to in our past lives. 

This involves earning online. Selling digital products. Setting up passive income streams. Making money from blogging. Digital Marketing. Starting your own business that's aligned with your values and based on being YOU! And also manifesting! Once you get clear on how to manifest. You can create any possibility that there was / is ever possible in the Quantum Field. Which sounds far out if you've never worked with energy, frequency and vibration. But it's something you should stick around to read....


We're going to share the ways of earning genuine money, to support your income, or exceed your earnings to be able to fully quit your job and live life on your terms. These are ways that we earn.


We've been on an awakening journey and spiritual journey for the last 3 years, manifesting our dream life as creators of our own world. In less than 2 years, we have completely changed our life. And that of our children. Connected to an abundant beautiful life that was always there, we just needed to learn the skills to step into that life.

We're sharing everything.

This is what we can give back.



It all starts with the possibility of having a dream come true.


Have you ever sat, in your adult years, to day dream? We dream all the time as kids about our future life and what we want it to look like. Then we get to adulthood, having worked our arses off in college, Uni. To get the job or start the business (in my case). To earn the money. To take on the debt. To unknowingly trap ourselves in modern slavery. Where we work until retirement age to pay the stuff off. To then think about enjoying that retirement and do all the things you dreamed of (if you live that long). This is not an exaggeration of adulthood. This is the grim reality that most of us find ourselves in, and then we wonder how we got here, to this place of unfulfilment. Working a job we don't enjoy. Buying products to fill the void. Taking on more debt to buy bigger. Without going down a rabbit hole, I want to tell you one thing: it was part of the plan. You succesfuly 'adulted'. In doing so, you also forgot your absolute power. But at any point it's possible to wake up and live life on your terms.


I wonder what that looks like for you? For me, it involved being in the sun, eating delicious colourful fruits, foods, with a swimming pool, with time to spend with my kids all day every day, exploring nature, the world, different countries, having lot's of money coming in, where i'm not wanting for or lacking anything, and living this high vibrational, love filled life. On my terms.


I'm sharing helpful resources, self help books, quantum physics books, spirituality books, manifestation tools, meditations, yoga, clean eating, toolkits, ways to become free from the matrix, ways to make money online, passive income streams, the best courses and so much more. 


There's a huge focus for us to help others to live a high vibrational life to improve their quality of life: from anxiety and depression tools, manifesting tips, awakening psychic abilities or connecting to a higher consciousness. 


Join us on our journey as we sell up our old low vibe lives in the UK to travel with our kids. Setting up a new high vibe life in Bali. A life that focuses on less fear, more living. Sustainability, eco building, passive income, making money online, setting up a foreign business, aura photography, world schooling, living well, clean eating, vegan recipes, yoga, sound healing, meditation, following The Laws of The Universe for a life more fulfilled with our children. 

Our goal is that the blog sparks something in you if you feel stuck - to chase your dreams, travel more, making memories with your little ones whilst they're young.


The resources below we hope you use them to your advantage, to raise your vibration

to create the life of your dreams.





We're on a mission to become the 'big sister brother' we never had and tell you everything that we have learnt. Guides and help books that have helped us on our spiritual journey + made us better today. I hope the blog inspires, motivates, & educates families feeling stuck in a rut, wanting more from life but more so shows them that anything is possible.

We are told some huge lies as to how things work. How the world, the universe and life works. It took us 40 + years to unpick, connect and understand some things about our soul and physical life. How energy and vibration works and how to use them for a better life. We wish we could have known ourself when starting out. We wish schools taught this kind of stuff. We really struggled, and learned everything the hard way with trials, errors, long late dark nights of the soul. We hope you don't have to.



In less than 2 years, we have completely changed our life. And that of our children. Connected to an abundant beautiful life that was always there, we just needed to learn the skills to step into that life. We're sharing everything. This is what we can give back.

Our vision is to share resources that helped us to awaken. Hacks to raise your vibration. Tools to exit the matrix. Books to read to help on your own spiritual journey. Meditations to help you open your third eye. Breath work tools to help you connect, raise your vibration and start living the life you desire. 

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