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Be Nothing Like - A family in search of a high vibe life in the sun



Everything is Energy. Including the food we eat. And as we know, energy vibrates and has it's own frequency. Some foods are low vibrational foods and some are high vibrational foods. To feel great and help raise our vibration: it starts with the food we out into our bodies and cook for our kids. At this very basic level; You are what you eat....


We want to be looking at eating as much high vibe foods as we can. Rainbow foods. Non-processed foods. Organic (where we can). Plant based / vegan wherever possible. As you journey into a high vibe life, you'll instinctively start reaching for these kinds of foods anyway as our bodies start telling us what's right and what's not. But in the meantime, here are our favourite hig vibrational rceipes that we love to cook as a family.

These are our favourite healthy recipes for a healthy family. We like to cook family meals from scratch avoiding sugar, unnecessary junk and adding hidden vegetables in the children's meals. But speed and convenience are important too.


Here we post our delicious nutritious healthy recipes that a re family favourites and all the family love. Best of all they have no idea that they are healthy.

From healthy sweet potato squidgy chocolate brownies to Saturday night pizza's - healthy gluten free pizza recipes with fluffy dough. Here we post the best healthy high vibe recipes for the family.

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