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Island of Gods


With the Children or without. A holiday to Bali will be cemented in your hearts forever.

We're relocating our whole lives from the UK to live on Bali permanently. With our 2 kids in tow, follow us as we embark on our adventures to live a fulfilled life on the Island of Gods.


We've been travelling with our family (3 kids) since they were newborn. And have a deep love of travel, experiencing new cultures, new cuisine. In our opinion travel is THE best education for children. It opens them up to be flexible, adaptable, open to new cultures and connect with their inner and true selves. A lot of which we feel is lost on western children through the traditional education system.  If you’re thinking of dipping your toe in the water of world family travel, taking your kids to Bali jump right into our site. Bali would be one of my top recommendations for travelling with kids.

We plan to live on the island to enjoy rich experiences with our little family, whilst being educational and fulfilling on a soul level. We plan to share our experiences on the planning process and our experience of making this drastic life change.


 We want to inspire you to help you live your dreams and get you and your family / children on that trip of a lifetime to Bali.

Children are very welcome on Bali and Balinese people love children. We think it's one of the most child-friendly and family-friendly destination in Southeast Asia. With some of the worlds best surf, temples, vibe, varied beaches, incredible culture and vibrant cities - you can even educate as you too.

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