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The White Isle


heads up: if you click + purchase from links in this page, we may get a small commission. This is at no cost to you. Which we use to cover the costs of maintaining this website. These are not paid ads,  but links we use when booking our trips that you may find useful too. All views on this personal blog are our own & any recommendations are personal views of booking services & items that we recommend and use to make our travel life easier. Happy Ibiza planning!


With the Children or without. We've been to Ibiza more than 15 times! I know I know. It's fair to say Ibiza is one of our favourite places in the world + perhaps we should say our spiritual home. It has a vibe. It's the place where we truly see ourselves settling, but before that we need to set up Bali and then who knows. The Universe has a plan. 


And there's way more to Ibiza than just partying & clubs that it has a reputation for. And we know! Si DJ's there, so we go for the music, but we go with our family in mind, and we find the most beautiful locations that are just perfect for kids. 

Every trip we've made as a family to Ibiza has been different each time, rich in experiences, educational and fulfilling. There's an energetic vibe with this one. With Ibiza's UNESCO-designated old town it's super rich in history & education. There are more than 50  (beautiful) Ibizan beaches to explore with your little adventurers. The obstacles few, and the positives blow any negatives or worries of travelling with kids, right out of the water. We want to inspire you to help you have the best vibes with your family / children or as a couple the best nightlife spots, on that magical little island that is Ibiza. Or Ibizaaaaah as I like to embarrass the kids with ;-) [ Stay tuned we're slowly getting our bottoms in gear to post all these amazing posts that are sitting in drafts. I know I know it's time - we currently have none of it. Posts: Best Beaches | Best Restaurants / foodies | Can Soleil | The abandoned club | Ibiza Old Town | Dalt Vila | Ibiza Cathedral | Formentera | Es Vedra | Time + Space | Paddle board | Snorkel + Cave ]

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