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Creating a niche around your own story, feelings, passion, knowledge or experience is a winning formula for setting up your own online business.


Before you jump right in on creating the life of your dreams, to launch, grow + scale your online business you need to get clear on your Niche and your Brand Message. By Niching Down. You might have hundreds of ideas bouncing around your head right now on what you could do. You might not know where to start. You might not even have a clue on what a niche is.

Choosing a niche and the right products to sell is at the very core of your new / small online business.

Start to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your Niche and the problem/problems you are trying to solve. To create winning products that sell straight away, within 2 hours in some cases! And products that sell consistently to give you the income you are dreaming of. A successful online business. 


If you need help niching down to start your online business journey, use my Step by Step Workbook 'How To Niche Down + Solve Buyers Problems' a digital workbook that literally holds your hand in the niching down process. Step by step. One foot in front of the other until you are so clear on your niche that you are busting to get started with opening your business! 

This page has everything Niche related to help inspire you to think about new ways of working.

To make a better life for your family.

There is another way. And it starts HERE. With Niching Down.


You were not born to be a slave, working a job that you don't like until retirement. The chances are most of us will not even get to retirement with the retirement age increasing. The employment landscape is changing too. Most of the jobs you see today, will not exist in 20 years. This is a good thing. There is opportunity in change.

The sky is the limit in this new era of working online. And what's really interesting is that the earnings are literally uncapped. I used to see people (on Insta) earning these 6 figures after just a few months, and the skeptic in me (and also practical business owner that had struggled to make money) thought what a load of garbage, and this simply cannot be true. Because I knew the reality of working for myself running my own small business. It was bloody hard graft and any small business owner I know will agree with me here. But the avid learner in me kept an open mind and dipped my toe in to the online / digital world. Earning alongside my day job (which for me happened to be my own greetings card company) and I soon realised that my 9-5 job was holding me back in terms of life balance and earning potential.

I have created a life where I can work from anywhere in the world with my online businesses. And I'm sharing everything here to get others creating their beautiful dream life. I'm currently in beautiful Bali, with my 2 children and Guy (who a runs his own online businesses (using my tried and tested strategy that works!)

I do many things that earn money online which allows for this digital nomad freedom life. Where I work from wherever I choose: a coffee shop, a beach (if the Wifi is good enough). Si does many things too. We earn from our online businesses (that allow us to run them from anywhere). Which I learnt how to start, run, grow, scale + get really really good at. A blueprint that I share with others because in my view this kind of work is for everybody and somethings that EVERYBODY should be doing / and can do.


A Niche around your own story, feelings, passion, knowledge or experience and you have the winning formula for setting up your own online business. Harnessing your skills / passions / trauma's that you overcame or are even working through right now maybe. You might think you have no skills to offer. Or you might now even know where to start. You are wrong about the first part. There is so much that you know, that others don't and would pay to know. And for the latter: I CAN SHOW YOU. Start by looking at Niches, How to Niche Down, The Best Niches for 2024, 100 High Profit Niches and look at how one of these relates to you. If you set up your online business around you as the niche, you're onto a winner. You will just need the tools to start your online business. And I'm adding them all here for you so you have everything you need to start your own successful online business.

Earning with our online businesses keeps us free to fit work in on our terms, and allows us to be present for the kids, to have fun, travel, and world school them. And best of all since taking the leap, we're earning more than we ever could in our old lives. Working less hours than we've ever worked (we were slaves to our old jobs). We only wish we did it sooner.

This is my dream. But I'm not special. If I can do it so can you!


So, if this has your brain cogs whirring, then go find your Niche. If you want to dip further, I can show you how to scale your niche from 0-£30k a month, but until then start by finding a winning niche. The rest you can build on from there. It all starts with niching down.


As promised, this blog is my way of giving back. Digital Product Ideas on how to earn online / Starting a blog / Finding a niche / How to Sell on Etsy / Business Plan guides and soooo soooo much more. Follow our Socials and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.

Beverage Mug and a Laptop
Graphic Designer Desk
The Best Niches for 2024
Cute Notebooks
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And work on your terms.

From anywhere.

Building your dream and not somebody elses.


The best time to start anything was yesterday.

The second best time is right now.

There is so much opportunity right now to earn online and start living life on your terms. We want to help as many people as possible to start living the life they dream of.

Use everything that we share on our blog to get your own online business up + running today. First up by brainstorming, finding your interests, skills and expertise to hone in on Finding Your Niche. Then building an online business around that. Monetise what you know.

Use our guides to help you Niche Down.


Before we started our own online journey, we had our own physical businesses and an office that we worked from. Whilst running our own businesses, we had the flexibility in that we didn't have a boss to answer to. BUT we were still TRAPPED in our own rat race. WE had to be in the office, working long hours and feeling exhausted and drained, with little time left for our selves or our kids. Since starting our own online businesses that we now work from literally anywhere in the world that has a wifi connection. Working hours that suit, whilst we travel SE Asia full time with our kids. And we can show you how.

Following our exact same blueprint that we use, you can learn all the things you need to start earning online. Whether that's purely for extra income to go alongside your earnings or uncapped earnings where the sky is the limit. 

We know because we've done it. And if we can do it. You can too!

You might not share the same dreams of travelling full time, but whatever your own dreams are, having your own online business is the best way to earn and live life (in our opinion). Maybe you want to pay your house off (something we've done), or buy a holiday home (something were doing), or just have more money. You need to create a way to earn online. Passively. 

We know because this is the life that we live. And we get to live the life of our dreams building our own dream. And if we can do it. You can too! Everybody can: young, old, stuck in a rut, the frazzled mum, the old lady that thinks they have nothing to offer anybody. Are you kidding me, YOU are more wonderful than you realise, and have you're own unique skills to offer. 

SIGN UP TO OUR EMAILS to get updates on ways of  earning online, passively, becoming financially free to live life on your terms. I have so much to share.


Tools to help you Find Your Niche

Helpful tools + Resources to start earning online and become your authentic best self, living a more balanced and fulfilling life that you truly deserve. Start with finding your niche if you are at the very beginning of your online journey. If you have a business already, you can use the Niching down tools to refine your business further more. Selling in a niche, to a very specific target customer is way easier than selling everything to everyone. Find your niche, to find your solution to a problem of a very specific person: A Dad with a Dad Bod looking to gain Muscle; A Mum that's lost herself after having children and looking to create more 'me time'; A world schooling family struggling to keep their kids engaged with learning; A teenager that's struggling with mental health etc etc.

Hand Shadow

FREE 100 profitable Niches



Big Ideas Notebooks

Notebooks for narrowing down your niche, business planning, ideas gathering and brainstorming. If you have many tabs open in your brain, you're going to need a notebook to offload all those ideas onto paper. 

Shop our Beautiful Note Books to jot those big ideas.

Notebook and Pen

How To Find Your Niche Mini Workbook

Get Your Instant Download to niche down and find your niche today. To start your online business to financial freedom.

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