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her (mum, girlfriend, fletch, entrepreneur, dreamer)


A Lifestyle Blog For Spiritual Mums



Mum of 2.

A wellness creator at Be Nothing Like. Psychology graduate, business mum that is trained in Reiki level ii. Can see aura's. I'm always trying to be better. Trying to make a good life - better than what I started out with. I'm an empath and feel energy. I'm working on creating a life that's about being free, in the sun and helping others.

On the blog I post content about mental health, wellness, taking time to look after yourself, healthy eating / recipes, manifesting, vibrational energy, motivation, empowerment, mum life, passive income, starting a business, investing, ways of making money, reiki, travelling full time with kids, world schooling.

Personally: We are building a natural therapy business as part of our home in Bali. For many years I felt lost at sea with a lifelong battle with depression. After having my second child I developed post natal depression, out of the blue, and for no reason. Life should have been good. We had security, comfort, love. I looked externally to heal. Along my journey I discovered energy vibration & frequency. In looking externally it brought me home. Back to me. I had it all along I just didn’t realise. I hope to share helpful things on this blog that might help others lost at sea.

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