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Travelling the world with kids

We've travelled all over the world with our 2 kids. We are now about to embark on our dream of travelling full time. AS we sell everything to relocate to Bali. Documenting our travel life here. Having kids doesn't mean your life as an explorer is over. See life through kids eyes and your travel experiences will widen. Follow us on a journey from travelling lot's before having kids and having the travel bug, to actually having children and holidaying with kids from age 5 weeks old. Then realising, that travel with kids was do-able. Not only do-able - AMAZING and life enhancing. Once we realised this, we've been backpacking across Asia with kids, and on many world trips to wonderful locations. And now we are selling everything from our life the UK to follow our dreams and travel the world full time - with our kids - world schooling and educating the kids as we go.


We think that travelling to countries around the world with kids is the best education you can give a child. We think children thrive in real world, learning settings and we plan to travel & utilise online world schooling classes instead of the traditional mainstream schooling. We We love to travel and we love the sunshine. In fact, we're at our most happiest when we have the sun on our skin and an ocean close by. Here are some of our picks of the best sunshine spots to visit or holidays to take with kids, with handy tips, secret hidden beaches & jewel finds in the world. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to follow our journey.


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