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Land of Smiles


heads up: if you click + purchase from links in this page, we may get a small commission. This is at no cost to you. Which we use to cover the costs of maintaining this website. These are not paid ads,  but links we use when booking our trips that you may find useful too. All views on this personal blog are our own & any recommendations are personal views of booking services & items that we recommend and use to make our travel life easier. Happy Thailand planning!


With the Children or without. A holiday to Thailand will be cemented in your hearts forever.

We've been backpacking to Thailand as solo adventurers in the days before kids & have been countless times with our kids in tow, at different ages. As a 2 week holiday in term time and as a 6 week holiday full island hop. We've been travelling with our family (3 kids) since they were newborn. If you’re thinking of dipping your toe in the water of world family travel, taking your kids jump right into our site. Thailand would be one of my top recommendations for travelling with kids.

Every visit we've made as a family to Thailand has been different each time, rich in experiences, educational and fulfilling. The obstacles few, and the positives blow any negatives or worries out of the water. We want to inspire you to help you live your dreams and get you and your family / children on that trip of a lifetime to Thailand.

Thailand is the land of smiles. Children are very welcome and Thai people love children. We think it's the most child-friendly and family-friendly destination in Southeast Asia. With some of the worlds best beaches, incredible culture and vibrant cities you can even educate as you go too.


We think travel is one of the most rewarding and educational things you can do for your Kids. And because Thailand is affordable for families with children to eat, get around: now is the time to get inspired and follow your dreams.



Airport tip:  Travel with yoga mats in hand luggage + not suitcase. In case of delays, you will always have a clean surface to bed down on an airport floor with kids *


*delayed for 16 hours overnight at airport in Cuba. We'd packed our mats with the luggage. No sleep. At the beginning of a very long haul flight. = never made that mistake again.


Popular phrases in Thai for kids to learn:

nid noi (not spicy)


Plan Your Trip to Thailand with kids

These links will help you plan and book your dream holiday to Thailand. From International flights to domestic internal flights. Ferry tickets to get from mainland Thailand to your chosen island. Then once at your island, the best tours and guides that we recommend to get the most out of your holiday. We've also included handy book club reads and essential Thailand guides such as The Lonely Planet Guide for Thailand that we love, as well as our personal pick travel essentials. Things that we can't be without on a trip with kids. Some personal recommendations from Fletch such as the SPF tinted lip protector that stops her breaking out in cold sores. (life saver!). The UVA/UVB Sun Tent that helps you spend all day at a beach without having to pack up for sleeps in the room. To re-usable straws to help combat single use plastic waste that is damaging Thailand marine life and more travel hack items that will make your travel life a breeze. Click on the links to book what you need. Bon Voyage or as we say when in Thailand - kŏr hâi dern taang doi sà-wàt-dì-pâap (in Thai!) 

Our favourite places in Thailand from the blog

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