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Our Story

Hi guys, We are Fletch + Si of Be Nothing Like. We started this blog to keep our family & friends updated when we start travelling around the world. But it's turned into a place where we can share really helpful things with people who (like ourselves) are also on their own spiritual journey. But maybe don't know where to start. Or cannot focus during meditation and feel like they're losing their way. We've been there, the self doubts, the 3d energy that creeps in, the loneliness of feeling like you're the only awake person where everyone else is asleep. The withdrawing from all things low vibrational. 


We're building and opening our own collective in Bali. We sort of see the blog as it's own Collective and the actual collective as a real life version of the blog. An extension if you will. A place that is first and foremost our family home. With eco sustainable living at the heart, focused with energy and raising vibration. The way we want to live ourselves on this spiritual journey that we're on, but opening it up for like minded people.


We've always loved travel and adventure and have travelled a lot with the kids and we document it here. In fact we document all the good places we visit along the way here too. Restaurants, coffee shops, products we love. A mini family lifestyle blog of things you might like with your family too. This time around, we're upping and setting down new roots. And from there, build this collective together with like minded visitors.

In this section you'll find out about how we got here. Our why. Our plans. How we earn digitally (which gives us freedom).


We've written our story down to show that anything is possible with hard work and doing things a bit differently. It all depends what's important to you. For us it was about freedom & living a life that made us truly happy. 

How we got here...

Read about our story in the below blogs. In our story: There's saving, hard saving, property reno's involved, investing, crypto (losing big and winning), passive income, working for yourself, digital work, ways to make money online anywhere and more...  But I'm going to tell you now. We did it the wrong and hard way. Not wrong - we started where we were, used the resources that we had and it took us a long time to get to this point. But I now know that it doesn't have to to be this way -  I've got something BIG to share with you here soon. 

Because when we started this process back in the day when we had big dreams but self limiting beliefs. We didn't understand 3d 4d and 5d worlds. In fact we hadn't even heard of anything spirituality based. We lived in scarcity and believed that plans like these were for 'special' people and not normal people like us. And that's why we did everything we could to make our dream work through hard work. In this digital age how you can make money has changed the whole game. 

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