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You'll never truly know how your actions affect somebody's day, week, year, life. We are all connected and our thoughts and actions can heal, sooth or wound. I remember being in the thick of a bad bout of depression. Somebody had pinned a crumpled sheet of white paper to a wall I happened to pass in my studio building. That read 'Take what you need' with strips cut at the bottom, with handwritten words on each strip. Where the passer by could tear their piece off - of just a little bit of what they needed. It stuck with me, because it took me off my train of thought, which at the time was of suicide. Not so kind thoughts about myself and the like.

That scruffy piece of paper, wafting in the wind, stayed with me this whole journey.

Want to know what strip I took that day? It was help.


I never did find out who left that piece of paper, but it spoke to me in ways that I can't explain. It was as though the universe had spoke to me in it's own language. I did not need medicine or drugs or psychotherapy. I needed the kind of help that felt like it wasn't around back then. But it was always around. It is always around us + within. We're just so caught up sometimes in the chaos of life, the noise of it all that we forgot just how powerful we are.

I took what I needed and from there things came into my life at the exact time that I needed them.

I want this blog to be a place for others to get a little bit of what you need - a little nudge or point in the right direction to something you need on your healing, growth and awakening journey.

So from this page. Take what you need. More Love / Less Stress / 



It all starts with the shadow. Inner Work. Going into your shadow (or rather, the unpleasant side of your life experiences) to allow for self awareness, learning, healing and personal growth.


By doing shadow work, you add light to the hidden or darker aspects of yourself, your trauma's or dysfunctions. Confront and embrace these shadows to heal the subconscious parts that are the causing disease, conflict and lack in your life to become the authentic best self, living a more balanced and fulfilling life. Shadow work is the first step to healing and living a high vibe life which will lead to living life abundantly as the limitless being that you are.

Those on a spiritual awakening journey will want to make sure they complete the necessary shadow work to allow for ascension and progression to higher dimensions. You can not move past 4D reality with unhealed trauma. Shadow work can halt accessing or honing in on your own healing/clairvoyance/audience/etc related gifts.

But purely for living a better, more fulfilled life, it really does begin with this inner work.

Bring it into the light

Carl Jung, described the shadow as "the unconscious, or disowned part of the personality", where beliefs that are too painful for the the psyche to bring into conscious awareness are stored into the subconscious. All of the parts of yourself that you despise or loathe and therefore hide and avoid. Frequently these beliefs are rooted in childhood experiences, but they can also be formed from big life experiences at any point in life. These suppressed subconscious feelings, experiences, emotions, beliefs form the shadow. Part of ourselves that we're ashamed of that remain buried in the unconscious until a specific trigger brings them to the surface in ways that create disharmony and pain in your life. A few examples of these kind of triggered behaviours include: anger, jealousy, negative self talk, self esteem issues, depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, addictions - all low vibrational emotions and behaviours. 


Tools to help your Shadow Work Journey

Break free from limiting beliefs, behaviours and patterns that keep you stuck with old wounds to become your authentic best self, living a more balanced and fulfilling life. If you are on a healing journey or are awakening to the spiritual side of yourself. It all starts with the shadow. 

Hand Shadow

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