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Sound Healing

Sound Therapy


We offer beautiful wellness practices including sound therapy or sound healing group sessions using gongs, crystal sound bowls, and singing bowls for immersive sound healing for retreats / event / brand activations. Find calm and balance from todays chaotic intensity of life. Sound therapy has a profound effect on the body and benefits for our Mental health, Spiritual health, Physical health, and Energetic health by relaxing the central nervous system through vibrational energy to change / improve the path of life. 


Be surrounded by deep and restorative meditation and welcome the healing powers of sound. You will be guided through a therapeutic session to restore, balance, invigorate and revive.  


We are taking bookings for Sound therapy sessions for limited dates during 2023. Our diary is currently as follows: Bali Indonesia Dec 2022-Jan 2023. UK and Europe Feb 2023-May 2023. Ibiza May 2023 summer season. Bali September 2023+


For our energy healing pack and bookings please contact us at .

What is Sound Healing

After years of working with energy flow through meditation, yoga, plant medicine, reiki (level ii trained) & a psychology degree. Fletch has always been fascinated with science and the mystical. Ancient methods of restructuring energy to the positive benefit of the person. Sound healing is just that. Ancient healers have used sound therapy for thousands of years.


Sound healing uses vibrational energy, through tone and frequency of sounds to help with physical healing, emotional healing, self confidence, self esteem. Sound healing can be a very powerful tool that can also help with daily wellbeing that you'll notice in improved sleep, relaxation, balancing the central nervous system, increasing focus and productivity.


Intrigued by vibration and manifestation, we've been on a lifelong learning journey researching the science of frequencies and vibration and honing our skills. Looking at the effect of music, live music and it's effect on the self through Si's work as a DJ.

I empower clients to know that by tapping into this energy that’s all around us through sound from my singing bowls, gongs and alchemic crystal bowls. They are their own healer. You had it all along. I guide clients to tap into this energy & change their frequency to listen to their intuition & bring them back home. 


Sound Therapy: We know that Sound has super powers. Sound is a transformational medicine that cuts through the noise of modern life. Through tone, sound & its vibration we can fine tune our bodies energy at a cellular level. It’s through the frequency of that vibration that we can harness healing and change for good. There is nothing new about sound therapy. It’s been used for many years as an ancient healing technique. Come with me on a journey of physical and emotional healing as we alter the vibration around us & experience frequency changes that help us change our lives for the better.

When we tune in to different sounds, we can tap into the different healing properties of their vibrations. We are able to clear energy blockages. Blockages that are not serving us well in life. Once we release blockages we make way for energy to flow for new possibilities. Leaving a session feeling revived and in balance with ones true self. 


We are now opening up our sound therapy group sessions to the world. Next year will see us visiting Bali, Europe, the UK and onto Ibiza, with bookings for 2023 and 2024 now open. We set up our safe and relaxing group sessions, with our sound therapy equipment.


What do we do?

  • We travel to your event -  taking our equipment on the road as we pop up at events near you

  • Have sound therapy sound healing for your brand / brand activations

  • sound therapy area for your next event

  • sound therapy area for festivals

  • Private 1:1 sound therapy sessions available at request at clients home. 

  • sound therapy area pop up for retreat / wellness centre

  • sound therapy area sessions for one off hotel / business event

Sound Therapy Prices

Price per person £15. For our sound pack please contact us.


Brand Collaborations

For aura photography brand collaborations where our team come to you and carry out the sessions / readings with your branded logo materials. With additional sound healing pop up area. For more information please contact us.

at .


If you want to discuss how we can work together. Think: Artistic creative projects, pop up aura events at festivals, wellness retreats, brand openings, corporate events, spiritual group exploration settings, fashion events and anywhere where there are inquisitive people, on journeys of self discovery and personal development, high energy occasions and vibes. We vibe with all ideas. We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's align and connect. As we tour & explore. The first time we'll be 'on the road' bringing peoples colour and magic to life in true tangible polaroid form.

Vibe with us at

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