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WHERE TO BUY? You can buy this at the following stores in the UK here: The Luxe Co


AURA CLEANSE Natural Candle with raw selenite

  • WHERE TO BUY? UK Stockist: The Luxe Co


    A luxury natural soy wax scented candle in our signature scent Aura Cleanse. Each candle has a raw selenite crystal inside. The Goddess of all crsytals. Super powerful.

    The most delectable blend this all natural fragrance as a scented candle. Light your candle to warm the oils in this beautiful aromatic scented candle to release the fragrance and cleanse the space and purify negative energy.  A blend of pure essential oils in a natural soy wax candle to clear energy and uplift the soul.  


    200ml luxury irredescent glass vessel with strong hot and cold scent throw. Simply light the candle and let the the fragrance fill your space. This fragrance has a purifying, cleansing effect on the body and mind. With uplifting Neroli.


    The Benefits of using 

    . Your space / home will smell amazing for hours. People will ask WHAT IS THAT SMELL? Trust us!

    . Purify's chakras

    . Cleanses energy

    . Brings Love and positivity to your zone

    . Looks amazing

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