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Reiki Treatment



We offer beautiful wellness practices including 1:1 reiki for retreats / event / brand activations. Fletch is level ii attuned and qualified to offer the beautiful treatment of Reiki.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing using Universal Energy or Universal Life Force Energy to balance the body's energy centres and release blockages.


Find calm and balance from todays chaotic intensity of life. Heal past traumas, physical pain, work on personal growth and development. 


Be surrounded by deep and restorative meditation and welcome reiki to flow. You will be guided through a therapeutic session to restore, balance, invigorate and revive.  


We are taking bookings for reiki sessions for limited dates during 2023. Our diary is currently as follows: Bali Indonesia Dec 2022-Jan 2023. UK and Europe Feb 2023-May 2023. Ibiza May 2023 summer season. Bali September 2023+


For our energy healing pack and bookings please contact us at .

What is Reiki

After years of working with energy flow through meditation, yoga, plant medicine, reiki (level ii trained) & a psychology degree. Fletch has always been fascinated with science and the mystical. Ancient methods of restructuring energy to the positive benefit of the person. Pronounced 'Ray Kee' Reiki is an ancient Japenese form of energy healing taken from the words 'Rei' meaning universal or divine and 'Ki' meaning energy. Reiki uses this Universal energy or life force energy to balance the body's energy centres and release blockages.


Reiki energy healing uses universal energy, through touch and channeling to help with detoxing the body, physical healing, emotional healing, self confidence, self esteem, self love. Reiki can be a very powerful tool that can also help with daily well being that you'll notice in a sense of calmness, improved sleep, relaxation, balancing the central nervous system, increasing focus and productivity. It has proven effects on reducing depression, anxiety and mental health.


For personal growth and development Reiki can be an incredible tool to breakdown blockages that are stopping creativity, psychic or intuitive abilities. 

Everybody experiences Reiki in different ways and each session will be different from the previous. Some people see colours, waves of light or nothing at all. Some people experience pure joy and emotion or will cry for no reason. Or again, do nothing at all. Don't be alarmed at seeing or not seeing anything. Don't be alarmed if you just break out in tears or smile from ear to ear. Or do nothing. Just promise yourself to go with any feeling that comes and passes as the universal energy moves through your body. Reiki will go to where it needs to at that time. The sessions will be conducted fully clothed and from a position that you feel comfortable in: lying down or sat up. Sessions can be carried out with touch: where Fletch will gently place hands at certain points over the body. Or no touch: for those who feel uncomfortable having somebody touch them. The individuals choice and both are as effective as each. You do not have to believe in reiki for it to work. Just close your eyes, relax and listen to Fletches voice as she guides you into the session. 


We are now opening up our reiki sessions to the world. Next year will see us visiting Bali, Europe, the UK and onto Ibiza, with bookings for 2023 and 2024 now open. We set up our safe and relaxing group sessions, with our reiki set up and equipment.


What do we do?

  • We travel to your event -  taking our equipment on the road as we pop up at events near you

  • carrying out 1:1 reiki session (including 5 minute pre-session theta brainwave meditation and 5 minute yoga nidra grounding warm down)

  • Have reiki energy healing at your brand / brand activations

  • reiki energy healing area for your next event

  • reiki energy healing area for festivals

  • Private 1:1 reiki sessions available at request at clients home. 

  • reiki energy healing area pop up for retreat / wellness centre

  • reiki energy healing sessions for one off hotel / business event

Reiki Prices

Our 1:1 reiki sessions typically last 1 hour. Sometimes a little longer if needed. Price per session cost £40 includes pre-session theta brainwave meditation and 5 minute yoga nidra grounding warm down. For our Reiki pack please contact us.

Energy Healing

If you want to discuss how we can work together. Have a pop up reiki area at your festival, wellness retreat, brand opening, corporate event, spiritual group exploration setting, fashion event and anywhere where there are journeys of self discovery and personal development, high energy occasions and vibes. 

Vibe your ideas with us at

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