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We’ve been on on a health, wellness + spiritual journey. From self healing completely from a life of Depression, to creating a high vibe life of our dreams. A hydrated healthy body = healthy outcomes and this begins with water. Water has the ability to heal at a cellular level and is the easiest thing we can do to make a positive change to our mind, body + soul. For easy actionable results, start with looking at your water intake. Are you getting enough?


The chances are, like me, you are not. I started to look at Strategies for Increasing my Water Consumption. Ways that I could be accountable for ensuring I was getting my daily water intake up to my goal level. To help with appetite control, weight loss, metabolism and overall wellness and health. Starting with tracking my daily water intake because everything begins with water. 


Getting enough water can be difficult in our busy daily lives. It's something I need to constantly keep track of myself. But ensuring your body gets what it needs to function, renew cells and vibrate at a high level, hydration is the first step. And not all water is equal. Ditch the tap water and look for structured or hydrogenated water options. Water is the first step for: a Weight Loss journey, Increasing Metabolism, Looking Younger, Living More Mindfully, with the end goal of Living a high vibe life which will lead to living life abundantly as the limitless being that you are.


Ensuring that you are getting enough water is the first act of self love that you can begin with. It's easy enough to implement, even for those at rock bottom, maybe battling with depression or anxiety / mental health issues (where everything falls to the wayside). Struggling with the basics as I was. Getting a water intake schedule set up is an easy and actionable plan to do. With the helpful free guides / downloads below.


It's the most simplest of tasks. But one that so many of us fail at the first hurdle. Why is it so difficult to ensure that we are simply getting enough quality water into our bodies? It's the easiest and fastest way to start your wellness journey too, which is why we start here. With Water.

I've always been dehydrated. I never liked the taste of water and felt as though my body was always saying NO to tap water, but never quite understanding that one. I now know why my intuitive body was trying to move me well away from tap water.


I also never took self care seriously. After years of living with depression, there was little room left for self love. Self loathe, I could get behind, but self Even a basic level of care to myself, the simple survival basics of drinking enough water daily, were not being met. Its no wonder that everything on top of these foundations tippled. How can one expect to get better, if we are failing at the very basic steps.

When you have a mental illness, there is little room for self care, let alone self love. The basic survival, care and hygiene routine of showing up for oneself gets lost behind the chaos of the mind. Even drinking water is only done, when the body screams loud enough to drink. Well this was for me anyway. If you get your drinking habits in check, you have a beautiful foundation to build upon. Your skin will thank you. Your cells will bounce around with joy and work for you without you even knowing it. If you're feeling bloated, fat and ugly ( this was me), water will help with that too. It's never been easier to get your hydration levels up. And make a habit that will last you a lifetime. 

Discover the transformative power of beginning with water with our comprehensive eBook, designed to educate of the benefits and importance of water for the mind, body and soul. To help you in turn heal your mind, body, and soul. Elevate your self-esteem, enhance your well-being, and gain the tools to live a more fulfilling life. This is all a journey, but by starting with water, we give our bodies the best tools to thrive.

Use the below resources to help you on your Hydration for Self Healing + A Self Love journey. 



There's more to water than it's wet. Water heals.


And here's more on that:

Water + Cells: Research has found an association between a decrease in cell bound structured water and aging and disease states. In short the water that lines our cells is important when it comes to being healthy, particularly for aging + disease. 


The water that lines our cells is of a different structure than regular bulk water of our bodies. The water that lines our cells is able to capture, store and emit energy. See this study.

Our state of hydration decreases as we age.
Our mitochondria (which produce cellular water) decline in function as we age.

Not to mention, the water we hydrate with has become polluted, while at the same time, our modern living indoors under artificial lights away from nature and safe community has become the norm. 


We know the importance of getting enough water for our physical, mental + spiritual development. 

So how do we get more water to our cells?

There are many approaches that can increase our cellular water but in our busy lives, it's too easy to start with good intentions, then have a busy day, and forget to hydrate.


My free 3 day water challenge will start your water journey, where you will see clear results from just 3 days. With actionable checklist to track your daily water intake over 3 days. A water intake tracking journal is ideal way to ensure new habits are formed that will last a lifetime.


Ways to get more water to our cells:


natural light exposure,
loving touch,
fascia care,
time in nature,
increasing infrared exposure
and, of course, staying hydrated (which absolutely everyone can do with my FREE 3 day water challenge. No more excuses to a better you!)

Something exciting is coming here (Fletch is working very hard in Bali to get your guides added to this site very very soon. Add your name to the mailing list to get updates as soon as these are added. Or drop us a message so we can add straight away):

The FREE 3 Day Water Challenge digital Download

Water Intake Tracking Journal

Hydration + Weight Loss Journal

Hydration + Aging Journal


Tools to help your Hydration Journey

Start at the very beginning of your new self, with increasing your quality water intake. I'm on a mission to help people drink more (water!). Increasing your water intake is a profound journey that starts firstly with habit change, and nurturing the body in the simplest way. So simple that everybody can do it and start their healing journey today. More than that, it leads to self-discovery, self-healing, and self-love for your body and cells, which will be the beginning of you to becoming your authentic best self, living a more balanced and fulfilling life. First up, your skin will thank you, you will start to look more vibrant and youthful. Secondly, your cells and organs will work in a way they have never worked before.

The FREE 3 Day Water Challenge will show you visible results that are hard to deny. Once you see results, you will start to look at water differently. This is the first challenge / guide that I recommend to guide you through an empowering process to unlock your true potential and embrace the love you deserve. Water is life. Sort the water, the rest will follow.

Hand Shadow

FREE 3 Day Water Challenge

Just 3 days to dedicate to you. 

A guided challenge and book designed to educate the benefits and importance of water for the mind, body and soul. With 3 day habit tracker, actionable prompts for you to begin your water healing journey.


Water Intake Tracking Journal

Start the flow of water + see the benefits to your life. With my Water Intake Tracking Journal. A journal to begin your journey and see you through until staying hydrated is a habit. The road to the new you. Start slowly, start here. 

Notebook and Pen

Hydration + Weight Loss Journal

Get Your Instant Download Digital Hydration + Weight Loss Journal.

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