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The Colours

Who We Are. What do the colours of my aura reading mean?


There is no good or bad colour / combination of colours. The colours of our aura represent the journey that we are on at this moment. And we re-emphasise the word journey.


There are 7 major colours representing the 7 major chakras (energy centres). Each colour can offer insight and wisdom relating to the journey one is on. And can offer practical guides for self development.


The placement of the colours on your portrait and the colours themselves all have different meanings too. You will find out so much more about the meanings of your aura at one of our aura photography shoots.


Strength, courage, will power, new beginnings, leadership, action, bringing something new into the world. It’s the colour of practicality, passion

Reds are often true leaders, a red aura means you're confident, strong-willed person, and full of energy. They are usually very action based and results driven. Very in the physical moment of here and now

related chakra


    Creative, originality, confidence, independent, collaborative, excellent people skills, can read people well, loves challenge.

    Oranges can be very driven and spontaneous. People are often drawn to their magnetism. 

    Orange is usually found in entrepreneurs & successful sales people or managers of large teams well

    related chakra


      Optimistic and loving, easy going. Full of life + curious about the world around us. Playful. Open-minded.

      Yellow has the ability to find the silver lining in a situation. Be careful there's a tendency to give too much to others.

      related chakra


        Ambitious , compassionate, career orientated, perseveres with determination + focus, perfectionist in all aspects of life. Loves to be at one with nature

        Green is all about growth. Setting goals to expand. Like a plant that roots and pushes through the soil.

        related chakra


          Feels deeply, sensitive, loyal. Enjoys the deeper and more emotional connections with people.

          Caring, empathetic and supportive, values honesty and truth. Intuitive. 

          Relationships mean a lot to you. Continue on with your heart led communication. You're on a wonderful path.

          related chakra


            Highly empathetic and a deep feeler. High intuition. The universe will signal lot's of insights to the indigo. Stay intuitive. Indigo represents the minds eye - which supports vizualisation.  You're on a high vibrating frequency which will help manifest easily. 

            You're spiritually connected and have an imaginative personality. A strong intuition and curiosity to learn means you are on a soul journey. Go manifest!

            related chakra


              You are strongly connected with the universe. In flow with your highest self or soul. Heightened intuition, a deep sense of spirituality and a wisdom about your life and the bigger picture.

              related chakra


                Intense powerful energy with high vibration + consciousness. Cosmic wisdom. Honest with a desire to change the world pure heart + cleansing energy.

                White is indicative of a highly spiritual and pure individual

                related chakra

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