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We're selling up our old lives in the UK for a life in the sun where we plan to live a high vibe life. The move is all about raising our vibrations and frequency and living from the heart. Home Schooling / World Schooling our 2 children full time to live life on our terms.  After a trial month in Bali, home schooling and world schooling, we soon embark on our plans on home schooling / world schooling journey, full time, as we slow travel across South East Asia, starting with Bali, world schooling as we go. As a family that have never home schooled before, you can follow our journey as we find our feet with EVERYTHING 'move' related, living the life we dream.

Be Nothing Like helps Parents, thinking of starting or already on their Home Schooling / World Schooling journey to navigate the world of home schooling, keeping their kids engaged and in love with learning through resources, tools, planners and learning materials that are helping us live this free-er way of life with our kids.


We're not a traditional home schooling family. In that we've never done it before. We're listening to our intuition and hearts as we embark on a new life that calls to us. Join us as we make this new life work to create fulfilled, happy little human beings - who's lives are enriched with opportunity that world schooling can bring. We hope to inspire others to make that leap of faith if this way of life has been calling to you. And share the resources / tools that have helped us massively with this new free-er way of life. Stay tuned as we share the tools we couldn't live without.



Sharing tips and our own personal journey in World Schooling / Home Schooling in Bali. As well as slow travel throughout East Asia and the world.

The Ups and Downs of doing this with a 15 yo and 7 yo.

To inspire other families who are feeling stuck, that the world is one big class room if you truly want it to be.


Start here:

What is World Schooling?

7 Reasons Why We're World Schooling?




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