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Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced meditator, we have the perfect meditation for you. We're the perfect place to start, because we were not the 'meditating type'. We're not vegan fanatics, nor are we hippy dippy type people that sit on top of mountains meditating. We are a place for the everyday person to dip their toe into spirituality and meditation because we were that person. From there, come with us further on your own explorative journey.


Forgive me for this rather crude explanation. We were living very busy lives in our mind led western world, where we were goal led, living day to day in survival, fight or flight mode, starting businesses, juggling kids, business, life and feeling like we were failing at all of it. And I think this is how many of us are conditioned to live. This 'busy is best' state of mind. The busier we are, the more successful we must be. And if we're not successful yet, that's because we need to be busier and work harder. We think from our heads and this causes us to lose connection to our energetic lives and the spiritual heart side of us that is truly magical. The side of us that is truly limitless, the side of us that can self heal and live a happy and harmonious fulfilled life. The side of us that can manifest things into reality. 


The physical side of us is allowed to become the dominant leading part of us. We let our logical minds and brains rule the roost. Yet we are actually energetic beings living only inside our physical body. And when we are not tending to this energetic and spiritual side of us, the physical body will decline too. Through mental health problems, disease, weight issues and aging bodies. Tend to this energetic field and you will see improvements to all physical aspects. Meditation is the answer. To be a beginner in meditation is wonderful as you start to feel the benefits of what meditation can do for you in our busy world. 


It took a life time of living with depression, surviving, a full on breakdown and the Universe literally forcing it's hand, for me to wake up.

There were signs along the way, that the key to it all was within, but I was so busy, so focused and so blind that I became a version of myself that purely just existed. I knew that there was more to life, Yet day-to-day I just existed. That version of me was deeply depressed, unfulfilled and overweight. All the while I was trying to get ahead in life, not knowing that to really get ahead requires the inner work.


To be an advanced meditator, opens our eyes to the mystery of the universe, to expand consciousness, unlock psychic gifts, connect to source, even astral travel and more.

Meditating, gives your energetic body that time to go within. To quieten the mind and tune in. And this is where the magic happens. Inside YOU! You just need to start tuning in.

And if you work with energy or are a healer, you already know just how important meditation is. Those of us that can see aura's can literally see the auric field dim on those that are not getting enough meditation time. 

Read on....


In the present moment there is no past and no future, just the now. The now is where the heart sits and the frequency of the heart is one of the highest frequency's we can be at. To be in the heart space is the ultimate goal of meditation. Being in this frequency is the best way to tap into the magic of the Universe and manifest from. Not only that, on a purely physical level of 'life' you will feel more relaxation, have improved sleep, a better self awareness and mindfulness that makes for a happier and more fulfilled life. Yet knowing all of this, even we fall off the meditation habit when life gets busy.


And so we created this section as a go to for us and a reminder for you to take what you need, to invite more mindfulness and happiness into each day with Be Nothing Like's audio meditations!


The world of meditating can be daunting if you haven't done it before. Our brains can be 'on the go' all the time and you may have difficulty relaxing into a meditation. There's always something on the mind. Something that wants to creep in. Start with our Guided Relaxations. Nothing heavy to begin, just a Guided Relaxation that may be just what you need to just unwind and invite stillness. Use a Guided Relaxation before a meditation, whether that's a Guided Meditation or just meditation. The Guided Relaxation is for everybody wanting to release tension or manage stress. Just 5-10 minutes a day of these simple yet effective practices is all you need to improve your mental function. 

Experience the many benefits of meditation - including better sleep, reduced stress, and increased focus - with our audio meditations.
Be Nothing Like's guided meditations will help you connect to the present moment and guide you toward greater self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-compassion/love.

Yoga Nidra
Literally translated as “yogic sleep,” Yoga Nidra helps you to enter deep relaxation state. Tune into the present moment and be guided by your inner knowing, through the stages of deep relaxation. A form of guided meditations (which you’ll do lying down) the yoga nidra guides are powerful, yet accessible for everybody. Check out our Yoga Nidra Series and dip in to take what you need: Download the Free Ebook: The Benefits of Yoga Nidra, Yoga Nidra for Emotional Healing, Grounding Yoga Nidra, Yoga Nidra for Grief/Loss, 12 Minute Sleep, Long Yoga Nidra (45 Mins).

We're working on a series of on-demand meditations, ebooks, courses, and challenges to help you with your meditation journey.


Learn how meditation can help you sleep better, reduce your stress, increase your focus, and much more!

Use the below resources to help with your meditation journey. 



To allow for self awareness, learning, healing and personal growth. A series of specific meditations focused on each of the chakra's. Starting with the root chakra. This 20 minute meditation invites relaxation, brings awareness to the root chakra, located at the base of the spine. The root chakra is associated with feelings of stability and connection to the earth.Start with this root chakra meditation in our series of chakra meditations for root chakra re-alignment, replenishment and healing. Try it today for free.

If you love that, add your name to join our 7 Day Chakra Meditation Challenge: a 7 part challenge with videos and learning materials in a week long programme to give you the tools to work with the seven chakras and allow you to become more familiar with them. Once you have the course, you will keep this forever to dip in as and when you need it for chakra realignment and balancing meditations.

The programme starts with the root chakra (muladhara) meditation and ends with the crown chakra (sahasrara) meditation, and each class has a different focus and intention that aligns with its corresponding chakra.


Those on a spiritual awakening journey will want to make sure they complete the necessary chakra work, working through each of the 7 chakra's to allow for ascension and progression to higher dimensions. Chakra meditations and work on raising the frequency of these energy wheels can help with accessing or honing in on your own healing/clairvoyance/audience/etc related gifts.

But purely for living a better, more fulfilled life, and enhancing your frequency, chakra meditations can help align and restore these important energy centres.


We're currently uploading all of our free meditations for beginners. We use these guides daily and know that you will love them too. Audi guides and videos of meditations for beginners, where we guide you through the process to get you into the meditative state. For beginners and those with a noisy mind.

If you are urgently needing them, give us a shout and we can move our workload around to get these up for you first.


Tools to help your Meditation Journey

Invite mindfulness and ​relaxation into your life. Experience the many benefits of meditation - including better sleep, reduced stress, and increased focus - with our audio meditations.Be Nothing Like's guided meditations will help you connect to the present moment and guide you toward greater self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-compassion/love.


FREE Benefits of Meditation E Book



FREE Chakra Healing Ebook Instant Download + Free Root Chakra 20 min Healing Meditation



7 Day Chakra Challenge

£7.77 A weeklong programme designed to increase your awareness of the 7 energy centres, through 140 minutes of guided meditations to balance, realign and energise the chakra's. FREE Chakra E Book included worth £12.99 + FREE Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation Pack for lifetime use

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